Friday, November 3, 2017

A Review of my current Mech forces

So, Alpha Strike really makes you want to build and paint a lot of Mechs. Almost all of these have been painted over the last two years. So 128 painted Mechs
16 Mechs (4 are on a mission and could not make the photo shoot)

12 Mechs

12 Mechs

20 Mechs

12 Mechs
12 Mechs

Full Battalion 40 Mechs
Only 4 Mechs

Monday, August 22, 2016

4 Player Alpha Stike game

Chaos March: Aug 16 3057
Planet: Classified
Local Time: Early Dawn 06:00
A company from 3rd Confederation Reserve Calvary was in the process of taking over the garrison duties from a Lyran House unit that was following Katrina Steiner’s recall order for all Lyran House units assigned to the area now known as Chaos March. As these units were in the process of finalizing the exchange when an unknown Invader class jump ship jumped into the system from a pirate point close to the planet’s only moon, and quickly released 2 dropships (A Union and a Union-C) that started into a high speed drop run which totally caught both the Lyran and Capellan forces off guard.
As the dawn light was slowly crawling across the sky a company of red and black inner sphere mechs and a binary of clan omni’s appeared on the horizon. The red and black mechs started attacking the Lyran forces for control of the planets main water refinery which served as the planets only water source, while the clan mechs started attacking the Capellan forces.
Within 30 minutes the battle was over with the Capella forces retreating from the heavy fire power of the clan machines with less than 1/3 of their forces intact. Once the Capellan forces started their retreat the Lyran forces then also withdrew leaving the field to the invaders. Reports from our agent that was on planet stated that the invaders took control of the water processing plant long enough to resupply their dropships and take all the salvage from the destroyed and damaged mechs that remained. They then loaded aboard their drop ships and boasted for their jump ship.
As of this time Wolfnet has no further information as to the identity of either the inner sphere force or the clan unit. The only markings on the omni’s were a row of checker boards and the inner sphere mechs had red with black tiger stripes.

900 vs 900 point battle, each company at 450. 
Of course this would be the game that I tried out a super elite force of skill 2 (3rd CRC) unfortunately it was against clan mechs. But still took down 5 clan mechs for 9 lights/med lost.
And now some photos of the game:
Raiding force A

Raiding force B vs Lyrans

Valiant forces of the 3rd Confederation Reserve Cavalry

Clan mechs can hit hard

Raiding force approaches river in the early morning

Water plant becomes hotly contested

Liao Mechs engaged in fighting withdraw

Lyrans on the offense but time has run out